ECS - Campus EXOS - 2 day Lab

Students will apply their ExtremeXOS switching and routing theoretical knowledge and configure, manage and troubleshoot ExtremeXOS switches in a lab environment.


Lab 1: Switch Management
  • Set Switch IP Address
  • Set Your Host Name
  • Administrative Access
  • Telnet Access
  • Configuration File Management
  • System Image Download
  • SSH2 Access
Lab 2: VLANs
  • VLAN Configuration
  • VLAN IP Address Assignment
  • VLAN Good Practice
Lab 3: EAPS
  • VLAN Configuration for EAPS
  • Creating and Configuring the EAPS Domain
  • Testing EAPS
Lab 4: EAPS Shared Port(ESP)
  • Creating and configuring multiple EAPS Domains
  • Creating the EAPS Shared Port(ESP)
  • Testing EAPS Shared Port
Lab 5: Link Aggregation Groups(LAGs)
  • Configuring Link Aggregation Groups(LAGs)
Lab 6: Multi-Switch Link Aggregation Groups(MLAG)
  • Configuring Link Aggregation Groups(LAGs)
  • Creating Your MLAG
  • Testing MLAG
Lab 7: IP Forwarding & Static Route
  • Configure VLANs for IP Routing
  • Configure Static Routes
  • Test IP Connectivity
Lab 8: ACL Configuration
  • Configure a Static Policy/ACL in EXOS
  • Apply Your Static Policy/ACL
  • Applying a port specific ACL
Lab 9: OSPF
  • Create Loopback Interfaces
  • Configure OSPF
  • Test Network Connectivity
  • Verify the Designated Router
  • Verifying OSPF
  • Redistribution of Static Routes
  • Setting Secondary Addresses
  • Summarization
  • Authentication(MD5)
Lab 10: PBR Configuration
  • Policy-Based Routing Configuration
  • Test Network Connectivity
Lab 11: IP Multicast Configuration
  • PIM-SM Configuration
  • Multicast with UDP Multicast Test tool
  • Multicast Client
  • Verify PIM-SM with Multicast Traffic
Lab 12: Extreme Management Center Device Configuration
  • SNMPv3 Configuration
  • Enable SSH2 Access
  • Accessing Extreme Management Center
  • Management Center Profile/Credentials
  • Device Discovery
  • Configuration Backups/Archives


Completion of the online Campus EXOS Switching and Routing v2.3 class

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