Designing Aruba Solutions

Learn how to plan and design Aruba campus wireless and wired networks. Gain experience with network design from information gathering to planning and high-level design including RF Planning, Redundant Campus Architecture design, and Remote Access Branch office design.


  • Module 1: Information Gathering
    • Key Stakeholders
    • Physical Environment
    • Current Network Usage
    • Scope of the Project
  • Module 2: RF Planning
    • Review RF Fundamentals
    • Deployment Models
    • RF Planning
    • Selecting APs and Antennas
    • RF Channel Design
  • Module 3: Aruba Campus Design
    • Product Line & Portfolio
    • Mobility Controllers
    • Deployment Models
    • Licenses
    • Instant AP
  • Module 4: Wired Network Design
    • Wired Architectures
    • VSF and Blackplane Stacking
    • Plan the Access Layer
    • Plan the Aggregation/Core Layer
  • Module 5: Access Control and Security
    • ClearPass Features
    • ClearPass Server Design
    • Wireless Employee Access Control
    • Wired User Access Control
    • IDS and WIPS
  • Module 6: VLAN Design
    • Wired VLAN Deployment
    • WLAN VLAN Deployment
  • Module 7: Redundancy
    • MM Redundancy
    • MC AP Redundancy
    • Wired Redundancy
  • Module 8: Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Application Requirements
    • Traffic Prioritization
    • Capacity Optimization
    • Roaming Optimization
  • Module 9: High Density Design
    • RF Channel Design
    • High Density RF Coverage
    • Very High Density Design
    • Deployment Example
  • Module 10: Branch Deployments
    • Branch Deployment Options
    • Remote AP
    • VIA
    • Instant AP VPN
    • Branch Office Controller
  • Module 11: Network Management
    • Network Management Introduction
    • AirWave
    • Central
    • AirWave & Central Licenses
  • Module 12: Practice Scenario


  • Aruba Mobility Fundamentals (AMF) course (Recommended)
  • Aruba Switching Fundamentals (ASF) course (Recommended) 

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